Embrace Cold Brew Coffee / Brewing Guide

Introducing Embrace Cold Brew Coffee!

Enjoy a cup of smooth, full-flavored coffee with lower acidity and less caffeine.

Cold Brew coffee is easy to prepare, and best prepared ahead of time.

Cold Brew coffee remains fresh-tasting for up to 7 days when refrigerated in an airtight container. This brewing method leaves out the bitterness often caused by over extraction. Instead, it brings out the natural and subtle sweetness of the beans to create a refreshing drink.

Brewing Guide

  1. Place the coffee filter bag in a container
  2. Add 250-300 cc. of cold water (or room-temperature water).
    Gently shake the container to ensure the coffee grounds in the filter bag are saturated.
  3. Cover the container and refrigerate for 12-24 hours
  4. Your coffee is ready! Pour over ice for a refreshing cup of black coffee. Simple syrup can be added if desired.

The ratio of water to coffee and the extraction time can be adjusted to taste.

The coffee can be kept refrigerated in a seal container for up to one week.

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